You tell your story, we’ll write it

Many of us regret not knowing more about our parents or our grandparents—where they travelled to, what they saw, their loves and losses.

That needn’t be the case for your children and grandchildren. With our help, you can give the priceless gift of your story to those you love.

You may wish to record memories from a certain time (such as childhood) or a complete history of your life so far. Whatever kind of personal story you would like to put down on paper, we can help—and you won’t have to write a word.

All you have to do is talk to us. One of our writers will chat to you, helping you to recall the details that will bring your story to life. Then we will transform your words into a clear, coherent and entertaining narrative, ensuring that your precious memories are never lost.

You may not have been a politician or a pop star, but your family and friends will find your story as riveting as any celebrity memoir. In fact, your biography is sure to be a book that they will find hard to put down.

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Alison kept my speech flowing and deciphered my appalling handwriting with ease.
— Mrs E Francis, London