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About us

Alison Vina is the lead writer at The Book of My Life.

Alison has a degree in English Literature and 16 years of journalistic experience working for global publishers including the BBC and Egmont. She has also had many short stories for young people published.

Alison works with a small team of experienced writers, editors and designers to produce high quality books in both look and content.

The Book of My Life is London-based, but we provide a nationwide service.

You can now read more about being a life story writer and editor at Alison’s blog.


These are just a few of the great things that recent clients have said about The Book of My Life.

“Much credit is due to Alison who has, with an admirable sense of humour, professionally converted the written material into a readable final product. It was a real pleasure to work with her.”

Lord Remnant, Oxfordshire

“I have just finished reading my copy of the book today and have been very impressed with the quality of the writing and the way the story is put reads very well indeed.”

Mrs G Wilkinson, Leeds on Uhuru, biography of her late friend Sally Kendall

“Your service has been brilliant and we now have a fantastic historical family document which can be read by future generations.”

Mr Michael Sault, Essex

“The book has arrived—what a superb job. I am delighted with it. Alison has a wonderful way with words. Her patience and dedication to detail were much appreciated. My family are thrilled and I am sure it will become a family heirloom.”

Mr Derrick Rowe, Kent

“Alison listened most eagerly as over 70 years of my life unravelled. She kept my speech flowing, and deciphered my appalling handwriting with ease. At each of our meetings, Alison was always practical and considerate. My books are now printed and illustrated with selected photographs, and will make excellent gifts for my three children.”

Mrs E Francis, London

“Well done! I’m delighted!”

Mr Graham Walker, London

“We never ever thought that we could get such a superbly detailed and presented book—it is without doubt down to your skills and we are deeply indebted to you for everything that you have done from the very first time we made contact.”

Mr Nick Cutsforth, Lincolnshire, on the story of the elder members of his family — Runaway Horses

Prices start at just £1,750

Visit our cost page for more details

Read our work

Visit the samples page of this website to read extracts from biographies, memoirs and family history books that we have written, designed, printed and bound.