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Give a friend or relative the gift of a lifetime — the chance to record their life story in print.

If you decide to purchase this unusual and exciting present, we will provide a personalised gift card so that you can tell them about this unique opportunity before we begin the process.

To find out more about giving the gift of a biography, please contact us.

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The cost

We want you to have a biography, memoir or family history book that is tailor-made to your wishes. Because of this, every project that we undertake differs, and costs vary depending on complexity and finish. To give you a guideline, here are a few popular choices:

Short biography

This is a book based on one five-hour interview with the subject. This might be a brief overview of a person’s entire life. Alternatively the book may be a snapshot of a particular time period, for example childhood, or subject — a hobby for instance. Maximum length: 15,000 words.

– £1,750 for the writing only

– £2,500 for all the writing, editing and layout of the book plus 20 bound paperback copies with a full-colour cover and photographs

Full length biography

A longer biography based on up to 20 hours of interviews, the mid length biography is a good choice if you wish to record your life story in more depth. With a maximum of 50,000 words, a mid length biography offers scope to cover many of the highs and lows of your life.

– £5,250 for the writing only

– £7,750 for all the writing, editing and layout of the book plus 20 bound hardback copies with a full-colour cover and photographs

Premium biography

This is the ideal choice if you have led a very full life and want to record it in great detail. Based on up to 40 hours of interviews, the premium biography will cover all the important events in your life and more. With a maximum of 100,000 words, a full length biography is a comprehensive account of the subject’s personal history.

– £10,500 for the writing only

– £15,000 for all the writing, editing and layout of the book plus 20 bound hardback copies with a full-colour cover and photographs. Also included in the price is one book, hand bound in leather with gilt decoration—a unique and beautiful heirloom to pass on to future generations.

Payments are normally made in installments as each stage of the project is completed, so you will be able to spread out the cost over several months.

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Visit the samples page of this website to read extracts from biographies, memoirs and family history books that we have written, designed, printed and bound.