What Price for your Memories?

Below are three popular options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please talk to us about our bespoke service.


This concise book may be a snapshot of a particular period or might cover a specific subject. Not suitable for an entire life story.

  • Up to two and a half hours of interviews
  • Maximum length: 5,000 words (roughly 30 pages)
  • Up to 20 photographs
  • Five hardback books

£999 if paying in instalments

£899 if payment is made in full before the start of the project

Standard Length Biography

Our most popular choice, the Standard Length Biography offers room to tell the story of your life so far.

  • Up to ten hours of interviews
  • Maximum length: 30,000 words (roughly 150 pages)
  • Up to 50 photographs
  • Five cloth bound and sewn hardback books

£4,700 if paying in instalments

£4,600 if payment is made in full before the start of the project.

Full Length Biography

A longer biography, the Full Length Biography is a good choice if you wish to record your life story in more depth.

  • Up to 20 hours of interviews
  • Maximum length: 50,000 words (roughly 250 pages)
  • Up to 50 photographs
  • Ten cloth bound and sewn hardback books

£8,450, if paying in instalments

£8,250 if payment is made in full before the start of the project. 

Please note that payments are typically made in instalments as each stage of the project is completed, so you will be able to spread the cost over several months. Please contact us if you wish to know more.


We offer several ways to make your book even more special. Additional interviews and a higher word count can be arranged—prices on request. The following may also be ordered. Please contact us to discuss these or any other ideas you have:

  • Bespoke dust jacket from £400
  • Additional copies from £20 per book
  • Extra photographs £25 each
  • Digitally drawn family tree from £100
  • Hand drawn family tree from £750

What is Included?

We are proud of the quality of our work. Great care is taken when interviewing, writing, editing and proofreading and when choosing the materials used in our books.

Interviews & Writing

Interviews are normally spread over several weeks, with a minimum of two hours at a time. Your writer will travel to your home or a place convenient to you. We don’t expect you to fill out any tiresome questionnaires or do any other writing. All that we ask is that you are prepared to tell your story to your writer. We’ll take care of everything else.

Fact Checking & Consistency

All dates, spellings and facts are checked where possible and we make no extra charge for this. Consistency is important to us. For instance, we will write numbers and dates in the same way throughout the book (2 June 1953, for example, not 2nd January 1953 or the second of January 1953). These details matter because they will give your book a professional finish. 

Typesetting & Design

Our books are thoughtfully typeset and designed, ensuring the pages look tidy and are easy to read, and we will position your photographs where required. If necessary we will digitally enhance your photographs at no extra cost.

Printing & Binding

During the finishing process, the pages are sewn* rather than glued, which makes the books more durable. Each volume has a cloth cover* with foil blocking* and we add head and tail bands*—those little pieces of ribbon at the top and bottom of the spine—which finish the books off beautifully. 

*Excluding the Memoir

Bespoke Books

If your book project doesn’t match any of our standard products, please let us know. We’ll draw on a decade of experience to create exactly what you have in mind. Whether you require a special finish, illustrations, interviews with multiple people, transcription of documents or audio or something else, please contact us for more information. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements, offer advice and provide a quotation.

I have been very impressed with the quality of the writing and the way the story is put together…it reads very well indeed.
— Mrs G Wilkinson, Leeds
 Autobiography of a nurse in Africa