There are several stages to making a biography with Book of My Life:

1. After an initial conversation, we’ll recommend the best option for you. We’ll then match you with an experienced professional writer in your area.

2. Your writer will meet you in a place convenient to you, somewhere you’ll feel comfortable (usually your home). You’ll spend a couple of hours chatting about your life. Depending on which option you’ve chosen, this will be followed by between four and nine further meetings.

3. After the interviews are complete, your writer will begin working on your book. He or she will submit the first chapter for approval as soon as its ready. Once you’re happy with it, your writer will complete the rest of the book.

4. You’ll receive a copy of the first draft and have an opportunity to make amendments and corrections to the text at this stage. 

5. With the text approved, we’ll move on to the design stage of the project. We’ll scan in your selection of precious photographs and include these within the typeset pages. 

6. If you would like a dust jacket, we’ll provide three design ideas for you to choose from. 

7. We’ll send a copy of the layout before a final proofread to check for any errors that have slipped through.

8. Finishing touches: finally, we’ll ask you to choose what colour cloth you’d like to be applied to the cover board and whether you’d like silver or gold lettering on the spine. 

Silver lettering on the spine of one of Book of My Life’s biographies

9. Your books will be delivered within about five weeks. 

Finished life story books written, printed and bound by Book of My Life

10. You can now share your unique story with all your friends and family.