Everyone has a book in them, so the adage goes. The challenge is to write it. David Small’s three children knew that both their father and mother had fascinating stories. Sadly, before the death of David’s wife, Annette, they had only shared the briefest of glimpses into the past. As David coped with the trials of getting older, Mary, Francis and John decided to act. If they didn’t capture their parents’ stories now, they could be lost forever.

They contacted Book of My Life and we were delighted to help. Ghostwriter Alison visited David in his retirement home. Over a cup of tea, she coaxed out some stories from his early life — cricket on the lawn; golf at St Andrews; national service in Egypt. David’s brother, Jimmy, further illuminated David’s Dundee childhood and their family history. “Alison skilfully picked her way through the smokescreens and captured some wonderful childhood memories,” says David’s son John.

The resulting book — Yearning for Home — moves from Scotland to New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and England, and illuminates the differences between the generations while also showing sometimes surprising similarities. We included a selection of family photographs, designed an attractive dust jacket and organised a small print run of hardback books for friends and family.

Sadly, David passed away while the book was being written. His children have no regrets about asking Book of My Life to write his story. “Those interviewed loved the experience,” says John. “Sharing their memories brought them back to be enjoyed all over again.” He and his siblings now have a unique family document to share with future generations — and have learned much about their family which otherwise they may never have discovered. 

For more information about how Book of My Life can help you to write and print your story, please call 020 8133 6588 or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Family history book written, printed and bound by Book of My Life

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