Do you think about writing your autobiography but worry that no one would want to read it? Maybe you feel your life isn’t interesting enough to put down on paper. Perhaps you believe that writing an autobiography or memoir is something that only celebrities do. 

If you think that writing your life story is not for you, think again. Why should biographies be the preserve of the rich and famous? Just because you’ve never played football at Wembley or been a government minister, doesn’t mean that what you have done isn’t worth recording. In fact, this is the very reason why you should write your story down—because nobody in this world has had a life like yours.

Over the last ten years, I’ve been privileged to hear the life stories of dozens of people, each as fascinating as the next. Some of my favourites include the Irish woman who grew up in terrible poverty but found great joy in her big and loving family; the nurse who saw five decades of change in the NHS; the football-mad lad who grew up in Rochdale and was conscripted into the Royal Marines at the height of the Second World War; and the feisty convent girl with dyslexia who took on a male-dominated world and became a successful businesswoman. Ordinary people. Just like you and me. But each life extraordinary in its own way.

If you do decide to take the plunge and get in touch with Book of My Life, I can guarantee that your book will have a readymade readership — your family and friends, who’ll be overjoyed to learn about the experiences and adventures that have made you — well — you.