Why should I put my life story in print?

You may not think your life is interesting enough to fill a book, but you would be surprised at how many stories you have that will fascinate the younger generations of your family.

I’ve researched my family history. Can you help me put it into a book?

We can certainly help you transform your research into a coherent narrative and put your family’s story into a book. Have a look at our family history books page for more information. 

Who will own the copyright?

You will own all the rights to your story and may do with it as you wish.  

Can you help me to sell my book?

No. The books that we produce are generally for friends and family only. However, you may try to sell the book once it is finished and we may be able to feature it on this website.

Do I need an ISBN (International Standard Book Number)? How can I get one?

Unless you plan to sell your book, an ISBN is not necessary. If you do require one, we can organise this for you.

Can I have as many copies of my book printed as I like?

Yes, we can arrange to print as many copies as you require. The overall cost will be adjusted accordingly.

How long will the whole process take?

Every project is different and, depending on length and complexity, books can take anything from three months to over a year to complete.

Do you travel anywhere within the UK?

Yes. When we interview you for your book, we will visit you in a place that is convenient to you.

How much will my biography, memoir or family history book cost to produce?

Prices vary from project to project. Please visit our cost page for more information.

I’ve already written my biography or memoir. Can you edit it and put it into a book?

Yes. We offer a range of services including writing, editing, typesetting, proofreading and design.

I have partially written my life story. Can you help me to finish it?

Yes. We can help you to fill in the gaps and edit your autobiography before arranging for it to be typeset, printed and bound.

I just need someone to typeset and print my book. Are you able to do that?


Can I include photographs and other documents in my biography or memoir?


My photographs are poor quality? Can they be improved? 

We may be able to sharpen and clean up your images slightly, if required.

I want to create a different type of book. Can you help?

Please talk to us if you would like help to produce a family recipe book, a children’s book, a book to mark a special occasion or something else.